Our mission statement.

Squeeze Fitness delivers Fun Classes with Fast Results! Our unique blend of Glute focused training with a HIIT style format is unparalleled to any other workout. Through scientific research and development, we have designed the most powerful system to burn calories, sculpt the body, and build the booty!


To accomplish effective Fat Burn, members will spend a portion of their 50-minute class time working out on the Matrix Stair Climber. The climber offers many advantages over other cardio alternatives such as treadmills. The climber allows for low to high intensity cardio & a wide variety of leg exercises while always providing low impact to the feet, knees, back, soft tissue and joints of the body. The climbers versatility is flawless in addressing the needs of a diverse clientele. 


To accomplish effective glute building, members will utilize the Official Booty Builder®. The Booty Builder is a new & innovative machine which makes the ever growing popular “hip-thrust” safer, faster and easier. The hip thrust, shown in research provides extreme glute activation, as well as great activation of the hamstrings and core muscles.

The Booty Builders unique design eliminates the need for benches, barbells, plates and a partner just to be able to do weighted hip thrusts.

Members experience optimal range of motion and movement for targeting the gluteus maximus when exercising on the Booty Builder®.
The most popular move in fitness lives at Squeeze!


To ensure our program is completely effective at accomplishing any fitness goal, members will train on the FitBench, which is uniquely designed to enable limitless programming for upper body, lower body and core training.  Our unique program design has integrated the three most desired fitness results; Fat Burn, Glute Building and lean muscle Sculpting all into one sweat drenching class! 


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